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Avian antibodies as Therapeutic Drugs

Solutions of avian antibodies can be used in immunotherapy to avoid certain infections. Due to the inherent low toxicity and being natural and safe, IgY is ideally suited for long term prophylaxis. Many examples are available, one being the treatment of CF patients.



Avian antibodies in Immunological Assays

Mainly attributed to the large phylogenetic difference, avian antibodies have many advantages over traditional antibodies from mammalians.

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Avian antibodies in New Biotech/Medical Devices

Avian antibodies have the ability to greatly increase the sensitivity, selectivity and reliability of new medical devices such as biochips and biosensors. This is largely attributed to the inherent low/non interferences and good stability of avian antibodies. IMMUNSYSTEM has been participating in the European research project ENLIGHT (ENhanced LIgase based Histochemical Techniques) in the development of new tools and technologies for cancer diagnosis.


Other applications

Avian antibodies in various formulations have been used as additives in feed to minimize infection in live stock. Also, avian antibodies have found many uses in personal hygiene products, e.g. to prevent hair-loss, acne and caries.

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