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Anti-Pseudomonas IgY

Based on reported results from preclinical and clinical studies, the Swedish Medical Products Agency in November 2003 gave special permission to CF patients with intermittent, but still not chronic PA infections, to be treated with Anti-Pseudomonas IgY. Read More >>


ELISA kits

Our Protein A ELISA kit is a monitoring tool for in-process and quality control testing for manufacturers of antibody preparations. The assay has been developed for those customers who want to detect and measure Protein A with high sensitivity in solutions of monoclonal antibodies or human IgG. Read More >>


Avian Antibodies

IMMUNSYSTEM produces and supplies primary and secondary avian antibodies against human, mammalian and microbial antigens. Read More >>    


Arocell Products

IMMUNSYSTEM is the distributor of Arocell's new, universal, cytosolic cell proliferation marker for immunohistochemistry. Read More >>


Custom antibody service

IMMUNSYSTEM has its own production facilities and offers several alternatives when it comes to producing antibodies for research and other purposes. Chickens are used for immunization and our animal facility holds to the high standards specified in Swedish law. Read More >>




IgY molecule