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Custom Antibody Services

IMMUNSYSTEM has its own production facilities and offers several alternatives when it comes to producing antibodies for research and other purposes. Chickens are used for immunization and our animal facility holds to the high standards specified in Swedish law.

Although the antigens are generally supplied by the customer, IMMUNSYSTEM can purify antigens in accordance with customer specifications. Depending on the type of antigen, it can either be injected directly or, prior to immunization, conjugated to keyhole limpet hemocyanin, thyroglobulin or to a carrier protein suggested by the customer. The immune response is dependent on the antigen preparation and, accordingly IMMUNSYSTEM can not provide any guarantees with regard to antibody titre or specificity. The antibody produced in chicken is delivered as a chicken antibody (IgY) fraction which, upon request, can be affinity purified. The non-purified product contains > 90 % IgY and 10 to 30 mg IgY/ml. Generally, 1 to 10 % is the specific antibody. All customer disclosures are kept confidential, as stipulated by a contract signed by both parties.


Services and pricing

Host animal: Chicken. Comprehensive care and feeding program. The customer provides the antigen.



 Immunization and purification schedule

Week Description
0 Immunization of three chicken with Freund's Complete Adjuvant (FCA)
4 1st booster with Freund's Incomplete Adjuvant (FIA)
8 2nd booster with Freund's Incomplete Adjuvant (FIA)
8-9 Egg collection and first purification step
10 Second purification step
11 Delivery of chicken antibodies (IgY fraction)
13 Animals are terminated



- Separate collection of eggs from individual animals
- Blood sampling
- Extended immunization protocol.
- FITC and/or biotin conjugation
- Affinity purification
- Enzyme labelling
- Production of affinity chromatography matrix


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